Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play spielautomaten. Increased odds for winning! Thank you all for your help and support with dealing with my parents healthcare issues. I do not know what I would do without your support! Your team is a Hope Diamond in a pile of river rock!!

Vanessa Warner

Vanessa Warner

Thank you so much to the team of WPFM, your excellent care, professionalism and love for your patients never goes unnoticed. Thank you for providing me and my family the best care imaginable. I never leave your office feeling uncared for or my questions regarding my health unanswered.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Perkowski’s

The Perkowski’s

Dr. Young and his staff are very competent and wonderful to deal with. We highly recommend this group. Dr. Young is a superb diagnostician.ed!!!

The Kotullas

Thank you WPFM staff!!! Your entire staff provides our family with the absolute best health care.
WPFM offers up-to-date health care with the latest in technology, punctuality, efficiency and friendly personalities. You are all very much appreciated!!!

Angela Strong

Dr Young suggested to my wife (Shari) and I that we should see Mrs Mundy, nutritionest, and see about a new way of lifestyle change in our eating habits. We started seeing her on Jan 8th and it has truly changed our habits in eating and to see the nutritionest value of what we eat. Fried chicken is good but not so good for our bodys. Since seeing Mrs Mundy and having her encourage us week by week on good foods for our body we both have lost 20 lbs and are both off of our blood pressure medicine. The change has been great and we now both have more energy and love the new foods. I truly encourage others to check her out with the new life changing eating habits. Mrs Mundy is the reason we are where we are now. I applaud her. Cudo’s to Mrs Mundy!
Staffard and Shari Belaire

Staffard Belaire

I moved to this area several years ago and needed doctor. I found Dr. Young through the Internet. I got an immediate appointment and was so pleased to discover him to be a kind, caring and a very competent doctor. He has a staff equal to his qualities. They have taken care of my every need with kindness and understanding. Whether I contact the office by phone or through the patient portal, I get immediate help. I am so grateful to Dr. Young and everyone in his office and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional healthcare.

Nan Jones

Called for an apt as a new pt last week and immediately was able to get an appointment for the following week! This is unheard of and I was really surprised! Arrived 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. I no sooner sat down when I was called back into the exam room. Doc was there in a matter of minutes after the tech took my vitals. Dr young is an impressive knowledgeable doc who is efficient and accommodating. Had labs drawn there and results the next day! Again unheard of in private practice. This office is a well oiled machine with plenty of personal touches and great staff. Not sure how he accomplished this feat but I am duly impressed and thrilled to have found such a high tech office in our little berg!

Colleen Gaffird

New in the area I needed a Dr and was able to get an appt. right away. Everyone else had a month or more before I could get in. Every one in the office from reception on is helpful and friendly. If you have to go to the DR I would recommend this office.

Marie Labonte

Dr. Young,
My eye infection has already begun to clear up. Thanks for being so observant.

Owen Knox

We’ve been so grateful to Dr. Young, Stacey Councilman, NP, and the entire WPFM team–Anna and Sara in the front office and Donna and Christine, back office MA’s, and Danny, phlebotomist–always thorough, professional, warm and caring. Thank you!

Evelyn Baleria

Me and wife would just like to thank you for everything you and youre staff do to help us with this monster that torments me everyday i do beleive without youre help and guidance i would be much worse THANK YOU SO MUCH>>>>>>>

Bob Katcher